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About English Speaking Course & Classes, What all is covered in course, How Mitts Education & Immigration Consultancy is different from others.

English is the primary language of the international business world. Knowing how to speak English properly is paramount to your success in business. Spoken English course will develop the confidence of student in using English through conversation activities, public speaking, extempore, interview skills and group discussions. This Course is designed keeping in mind the learner’s objective of gaining expertise in speaking English confident.

Why Mitts Education & Immigration Consultancy ?

It has a team of more than 15 professionals. All teachers are with extensive experience . We do not teach from book.Our educaters are encouraged to students to use their teaching skills. Assessments are given through tests. Group disscusion at every weekend to improve commnication skills. provide wide range of vocabulary. Improvenment in pronounciation. We give parsonal attention to every student special week students.

Spoken english programme have gained the confidence to soar high in their professional and personal lives, with their improved communication skills.

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